Our story is, like our cashmere work, simple, and minimal, reduced to the essence of the end product.  Hilary has always been a maker – a lover of all things tactile, she has sewn and worked with fabrics since she was a young girl. it was also in her youth that she learned to consider her natural environment and her personal impact on it – which as an adult brought her to a conflict – one of loving to make things while at the same time not wanting to contribute to the ever increasing accumulation of “stuff” we find all too present in our society, and the resource use associated with it.  It is out of this conflict that her current line of cashmere pieces arose.  Hilary Law’s line of cashmere accessories is a negative waste product line – simply speaking, she takes refuse and adds value by reconfiguring it – all of it.  All her cashmere and wool pieces are made from pre-owned sweaters gathered primarily through thrift stores – the waste stream according to the fashion industry.  Hilary has designed a collection of items that use increasingly smaller pieces of cashmere until the whole sweater is utilized – and as a result she has removed items from the waste stream and created beautiful products with years of life yet to be lived.